Continuous Delivery

Faster, frequent, more reliable software has arrived.

Continuous Delivery – or the routine and regular incorporation of new software features and fixes – does indeed seem daunting and quite impossible to reach given all the above areas that need to be considered and addressed. But with the skillful application of modern agile processes and tools combined with new approaches to communication, what was once thought of as extraordinary and unachievable can truly become commonplace. With a repeatable, reliable, and reproducible process in place, software delivery becomes increasingly predictable – resulting in high quality software released at accelerated intervals.

Implementing a functional and efficient pipeline for Continuous Delivery is not easy, and takes dedicated and experienced professionals to see it through. Rapidiant’s nimble team approach has achieved numerous successes by embedding SME’s directly into customers’ projects that encourages and promotes the collaboration of traditionally siloed people, processes and technologies forging new bonds and realigning goals and work efforts to ultimately achieve successful Continuous Delivery program. 

Anticipated outcomes of moving to a Continuous Delivery model include:

  • Projects are automatically reported in standard metrics.
  • Full traceability as to what was deployed, why, when, and who deployed it, and into what environment.
  • Increased quality due to more integrated scanning and auditable inspections.
  • More predictable releases using less staffing and overtime.
  • Business goals and objectives align with outcomes.
  • Secure, stable working software at every release.
  • Planning, operations, customer service, growth and budgeting become more proactive, less reactive.
  • User satisfaction and customer base growth improves as products become more reliable, scalable and targeted.