Rapidiant VOIP and CUCM Support Services

Rapidiant provides VOIP support services and has an extensive background in supporting VOIP call services. More than ever, employees want greater mobility and workplace flexibility. They no longer want to commute to a workplace. Instead, they want to do their job from the comfort of their home with a suite of remote work tools that help keep them connected. For many enterprises, that means a larger use of unified communications – or the consolidation of existing communications tools into a single platform.

What is Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)?

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Cisco CallManager, now known as Cisco Unified CM or CUCM) is an enterprise call and session management infrastructure that streamlines team communication and collaboration for today’s hybrid workforce.

CUCM unites registered IP Phones, mobile devices, desktop computers, and other endpoints into a single UC platform – regardless of end user location. It’s the architecture that makes it possible for teams and customers to connect on their preferred devices across multiple channels, including:

  • VOIP Telephony
  • Video and Rich-Media Conferencing
  • Instant Team Chat Messaging with User Presence
  • Customer Contact Center
  • External Applications
  • Data Integration

The Unified CM architecture lets internal and external teams connect a variety of the above communication channels at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. With CUCM, users have the flexibility to take business calls on analog desk phones or desktop computers, send a quick chat message on a tablet, or even start a video call from a smartphone.

Unified CM also enables essential call management features like call processing, dial plan administration, directory services, and more.

CUCM optimizes the functionality of Cisco’s Unified Communications Suite. It ensures seamless interoperability with a variety of Cisco applications like Webex, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, and more while maintaining high availability, quality of service and security. It also operates with a variety of third-party apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

CUCM is a scalable solution designed to improve communication at every phase of your business while helping you avoid paying for features you don’t need.

Today, over 300,000 customers rely on Cisco Unified Communications Manager for call and session management with over 120 million Cisco and softphones – so the platform is clearly meeting end-user expectations.

Rapidiant VOIP Support Services include providing:

DHCP v6 and v4 support

CCUM integration and monitoring support

Status of hard and softphones

Single Sign on Support

Reporting and analytics

Hop Management