Business Solutions

With the latest changes in our worldwide operating environment due to the pandemic and the need for expeditious employment of technology solutions relative to communicating remotely as a knowledge worker, operating from home in order to keep people safe, and keeping the businesses and their business information systems running, our customers are moving into a digital transformation of its workforce into a virtual operations through agile DevSecOps developed applications, dynamic coordination and collaboration tools, and Cloud computing hyper-converged virtual infrastructure computing machines.  Our customers’ different work environments have different business solution needs depending on their industry or mission setting.  As such, Rapidiant has been digitally transforming its customers’ work environments and business information systems into the cloud computing environment for virtual operations from anywhere at any time. Rapidiant is working with its clients to redefine the workplace by implementing and fielding innovative business solutions that operate with no strict boundaries in unlocking enhanced and new service techniques, revenue streams, and increased productivity while reducing costs and improving customer service using virtual knowledge workers. This shift has forced the traditional office, as the hub of collaboration, into a hybrid work environment more focused on virtual operations through digital collaboration via dynamic coordination, collaboration, and Internet-based communication tools and techniques with distributed knowledge workers and private and public Cloud computing centers. In addition, Rapidiant through its agile DevSecOps application development methodology can readily build enabling Web-based business information systems via Cloud Computing hyper-converged infrastructures within half the time for enabling their digital transformation into a virtual operating landscape.                

Therefore, Rapidiant can assist our clients in reimaging their workplace by enabling a modern knowledge worker environment. These modern work environments will allow companies to operate and continue to do business under the worse of environmental and business conditions. As such, Rapidiant can provide our customers with the capability to shift its Information Technology (IT) of Operations to a Center for Innovation based on our agile DevSecOps application development capability within 60-90 days and delivery of key infrastructure components and items to business units within two to three days vice four weeks or more. Rapidiant can provide an assessment on the client’s full technology landscape and pull together the data and applications themselves. We will recommend which applications will remain in the client’s optimized data centers and which ones will be shifted to secure private or public clouds, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS Web Services, etc. This assessment will address the integration interfaces; formulate a plan for technical debt, risks, and opportunities; and establish a new and enhanced configuration management framework and repository. Furthermore, Rapidiant will create an actionable roadmap that would address residual technical debt and update operating systems and other licensing as needed.