Office of the Chief Technology Officer – PMO Support and Systems Solutions – Rapidiant Prime Contract, Ongoing

The District of Columbia’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) is responsible for providing technical support, phone support, email, and in-person consultation to a host of District agencies, including but not limited to, the Office of the Mayor, Office of Contracts and Procurement, and Department of Health. The Office relies onRapidiant Program Management personnel to effectively guide and drive this enterprise initiative. The Rapidiant System Integration Support and Program Management Team provides guidance and solutions for a multitude of challenges that the DC Government faces every day, while implementing strategic initiatives and policy recommendations to prevent problem recurrence.

Rapidiant Program Managers are on site to provide analysis and planning of new program rollouts such as technology refreshes, procedural updates and new large scale systems deployments. Additionally, Rapidiant Program managers provide guidance and oversight for Agile Software Development Projects within OCTO.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvements

Deployed standardized enterprise wide network systems hardware – lower maintenance cost for parts & repair, lower training cost

 Deployed new cost effective, standardized computer systems to – lower maintenance and support costs, universal training and support for end users

 Recommended, Developed and Implemented universal operational procedures and documentation throughout the District, simplified and improved reporting, analysis, and performance evaluation

Rapidiant Integration Support Team for Deployment

The Rapidiant Integration Support Team provides requirement identification, architecture, design, Management, phone, e-mail, in-person and online support. Our staff of highly educated and expertly trained support professionals recommend and integrate the most effective applications to overcome OCTO’s current technical challenges.