Strategy & Planning

Business Intelligence (BI) success requires the ability to have both a strategic and tactical understanding of business objectives. A BI Strategy starts with understanding the information that is required to make decisions from the operational manager level up to the corporate executive. The next step requires the objective ability to create an “as is – to be” roadmap that leverages any suitable existing components in a final solution. Additionally, it requires expertise in BI, data warehousing, performance management, business process, data modeling, project management, change management, and various BI tools.

Rapidiant provides services for the following types of Strategy & Planning activities:

  • BI Strategy Roadmap
  • BI Health Check
  • BI Tool Recommendation
  • BI Center of Excellence Creation

Rapidiant is a focused, niche, experienced BI firm that has helped its clients successfully leverage information across a variety of business processes and industries. Rapidiant business is Business Intelligence and, therefore, we have extensive practical lessons learned and best practices. Many of Rapidiant’s implementations start with a BI Health Check and extend to a Strategy Roadmap.

BI Strategy Roadmap —Rapidiant’ strategy roadmap services consists of analyzing and planning strategic BI business goals, tactical business & IT requirements, data architecture, presentation layer, and organizational culture using the following approach:

  • As-Is Assessment
  • To-Be Environment Goals and Objectives
  • Gap Analysis and Recommendation
  • Long Range BI Strategy
  • Detailed Implementation Plan

BI Health Check —Rapidiant examines the current status and effectiveness of your BI environment and initiatives:

  • Assess BI solution against desired business outcomes
  • Check that BI software is properly designed and configured
  • Ensure full BI toolset capabilities are being leveraged
  • Provide “Quick Win” and long-term Recommendations

BI Tool Recommendation —Rapidiant helps organizations minimize software selection costs in determining which technology is right for them:

  • Define Business and Technical Requirements
  • Recommend Vendor Shortlist
  • Create Prototypes
  • Advise on best fit

BI Center of Excellence Creation —Rapidiant provides best practices and lessons learned for clients who wish to setup competency centers focused on Business Intelligence:

  • Define vision, strategy, and analyze current environment
  • Identify required people, technologies, infrastructure, change management techniques, standards, skills, gaps, and “Quick Wins”
  • Build team, processes, procedures, and methodology
  • Deploy Center of Excellence