Staffing Solutions

Rapidiant can readily provide professional, subject matter experts, technical, and administrative staff augmentation and solution sets in support of its clients based on its proactive recruiting and staffing technique known as “Role-based/Competency-Based Staffing. Our advertisements and marketing brochures helps us attract highly qualified resources for our federal, State, and local clients. Also, we actively participate in technology forums, conferences, and associations such as ACT/IAC, AFCEA, and related organizations to advance recruit highly qualified personnel for our Human Resource (HR) repository. These forums enable us to readily provide highly qualified professional experts, IT technicians, engineers, and administrative personnel for augmenting the Federal staff for our customers at any time. We also use third-party recruiting organizations as needed as well as provide referral bonuses to our employees.

In addition, Rapidiant utilizes on-line IT recruiting resources such,,,, and for keeping our resume repository up to date.  We have over 20,000 resumes in our Human Resources repository and the majority of these resumes are technical, system analysts, business analysts, technology consultants, and business subject matter experts (SME) in nature. Our established Salesforce HR repository (known as Talent Rover) of qualified candidates can provide multiple and qualified resumes for augmenting all Federal positions.  We continually and continuously maintain an active and updated resume repository through our Salesforce system that includes the definition on the relative labor categories for ensuring our Program Managers over our contracts have access to resumes for each relevant Labor Category at any time.

Rapidiant recognizes that identifying and providing the right professional in support of our customers is paramount to program success.  Significant time, effort, and money is spent to ensure that qualified, skilled, experienced individuals are readily available in support of each and every program. Rapidiant understands that in a demanding operational environment, retaining high performing, qualified personnel is a necessity for uninterrupted, high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  We also understand and appreciate that talented people have choices. Therefore, Rapidiant takes care of its employees by treating them with respect, engaging them in missions of importance, providing interesting work and challenges, emphasizing internal promotion, and providing competitive salaries, benefits, and training opportunities.