Continuous Delivery

Faster, frequent, more reliable software has arrived. Continuous Delivery – or the routine and regular incorporation of new software features and fixes – does indeed seem daunting and quite impossible to reach given all the above areas that need to be considered and addressed. But with the skillful application of modern agile processes and tools […]

Security Scanning (DevSecOps)

While the DevOps term has exploded in popularity, the notion of embedding security directly within the pipeline is too often an after-thought or not considered at all. While security testing is often delegated to the internal test organization, Rapidiant believes it should be built into the pipeline right from the start. This is what is […]

Automated Testing

Many early phase DevOps initiatives are focused on the areas of Continuous Integration, Builds, and Deployments, as these are often the most visible and “active” segments of the pipeline. The more “invisible” hand of resistance that often goes unnoticed until too late is that no matter how fast and efficient the implementation of a full […]

Deployment Automation (DevOps)

Once organizational control has been properly established, focused attention can be brought to bear on automating the delivery pipeline as this is essential to any successful DevOps solution. To keep pace with Continuous Builds that are typically first introduced in Agile-based initiatives, deployment automation must be addressed next to reduce the risks and failures typically […]

Moving towards a culture of collaboration…

DevOps is a relatively new concept with varying definitions being proffered throughout industry. Without a doubt, tools, automation, and integration of those tools play an instrumental role. But Rapidiant believes the real challenge and true value of DevOps lies in managing the interactions and process collaborations of traditionally interdependent siloed teams that must all collaborate […]

Getting there…

Any successful journey begins with an understanding of where you are on the map, and where you need to be. Before setting out on the road towards Continuous Delivery, Rapidiant performs a thorough assessment of the organization. It examines the people, processes and tools currently in use, and immediately targets choke points in your application […]

Software Factories

It is into this world that Rapidiant steps in and assumes control. Our deep experience and drive focus attention directly to the area of improved enterprise efficiencies that provides customers a guiding light to turn a complex and chaotic new world of change into a disciplined and highly efficient software production factory.  It is no […]

DevOps Emerges

This “clash of silos” has led to the rise in an ever greater need for cooperation and collaboration between these often opposing forces, yielding way to the identification and promotion of a whole “new” focused discipline: DevOps. The goal of DevOps is simply to accommodate the speed and turnaround introduced by Agile adoptions, while protecting […]

Agile Takes Flight

It seems everyone who develops software is or has already begun adopting Agile practices as their preferred approach to deliver more responsive, higher quality software. For development teams, this means smaller and more frequent releases (i.e., “sprints”) that allow for more immediate feedback loops from testing and business stakeholders. This surge in Agile practices, however, […]