Department of Homeland Security – Wireless Accelerated Responder Network (WARN)

Enterprise Application Development The Wireless Accelerated Responder Network (WARN) was the nation’s first city-wide broadband wireless public safety network. This pilot network was unveiled in September 2004 and was first operationally used in January 2005 for the Presidential Inauguration and then for the State of the Union. WARN consists of 12 radio sites and 200 network devices […]

Office of the Chief Technology Officer – PMO Support and Systems Solutions – Rapidiant Prime Contract, Ongoing

The District of Columbia’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) is responsible for providing technical support, phone support, email, and in-person consultation to a host of District agencies, including but not limited to, the Office of the Mayor, Office of Contracts and Procurement, and Department of Health. The Office relies onRapidiant Program Management personnel […]